Why Go Ductless with Your HVAC System?

If you are in the market for a new heating or cooling system, you may want to consider going ductless. Ductless systems offer many benefits to your home and offer an esthetically pleasing heating and cooling option.

How Do Ductless HVAC Systems Work?

A ductless system can take care of both heating and cooling your home. It works by using heat pump technology, and works through an outdoor unit that is connected to an indoor unit. The outdoor unit sits outside of your home and holds the motor. The outside unit is connected to the inside unit by small cables, these cables include a refrigerant line. The inside unit sits on a wall on your home distributing heated or cooled air. There is no need for a duct system as these two units, connected together, do all the work.

What Are Advantages of a Ductless HVAC System?

There are many advantages or benefits that come with using a ductless system, lets look at a few of these advantages.

More Control – As heating and cooling takes place from a single unit, you can choose where to place this unit. One unit can do a great job at heating or cooling an open plan home, or you can install multiple units to have complete control over different areas in your home. You will be cooling and heating your main living areas where comfort is usually needed most.

One System – One small unit installed in your home can take control of both heating and cooling. Most systems include a remote control making it easy to adjust the temperature when you need to.

Quiet Operation – Systems that push air through ducts can be noisy, you may hear banging, creaking, and other noises, with a ducted system. Ductless systems are quieter both inside and out, letting you enjoy your home without the banging, creaking, and groaning.

Healthier Air – Unlike ducted systems that collect dust, dander, mold, and pollen, in places you can’t see. A ductless system circulates clean air throughout your home. The filters used in the system, purify the air, catching allergens before they enter the home. This helps you keep your air clean and your home healthier.

Energy Savings – Savings over other systems such as baseboard, electric furnaces, and wall/ceiling systems, can be significant when you have a high efficiency ductless system installed. You will save money by only cooling/heating the areas of the home you constantly use, and can easily control when heating/cooling is used throughout the day.

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